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7 Exercise and Weight Loss Myths Busted Forever

7 Exercise and Weight Loss Myths Busted Forever

These days, we find many gospel truths floating around the net from quacks who promise mind boggling results for weight loss in no time.  In fact, we can safely say that the net is infested with these solutions which are not even worth a dime.  People realize only quite later that they were taken for a ride and lost out on both their health and money in this debacle.

First of all, looking at the weight loss fad that has been raging like a wild fire these days, let us take a minute to understand why we want to undergo a weight loss program.  All that I am saying is that most importantly we need to have the correct perspective of why we want to lose weight.

The present generation has an innate longing to have a well toned body, to appear chic, to not appear odd in the social circles.  This can be due to many reasons like:

  • Peer pressure in the form of friends uttering the seemingly harmless remark “hey you appear to have extra fat around your waist.”
  • Many ad campaigns shouting from the rooftop “get slim and guaranteed results or your money back.” To add to the propaganda people have also become vulnerable and desperate to catch the bait easily enough.
  • Individual incorrect notions of being healthy and the prepositions that a miraculous transformation of body is possible in no time.
  • Overall improvement in confidence levels by able to wear attires that were cast away due to individual weight issues.


The very idea that you have the extra bulge around at tummy can be frustrating enough and cause a deep dent in the confidence levels in this fast paced world.

There are many unfortunate incidents involving common people and celebrities undergoing invasive therapies and other erroneous regimen to “Fit in,” in turn ravaging their body and soul to no limit.

Any exercise and weight loss programs must be done under the supervision of competent specialists in the field and it is not something that can be tutored “on the go.”  For every individual, the exercise and the weight loss steps that must be followed are unique depending on metabolism rate, genetic factors, more number of fat cells, lifestyle related etc just to name a few.

Among the many theories doing the rounds about exercise and weight loss programs, some of them just which just refuse to make any sense are:

  • Magic pills

There is no known elixir to drop weight without a customized plan for each body type.  It just doesn’t work – you are lucky if you get away without any side effects.  The markets are flooding these days with “magic pills” formulation that can turn around your body type in no time.   Many of them are unscientific in approach and contain harmful ingredients like sibutramine and phenolphthalein, a laxative ingredient which is enough to do your body unimaginable damage.  Given the statistics it is highly conducive to steer clear of this altogether.

  • Cardio exercises to get rid of excess fat

Any exercise should be targeted towards the whole body not just some part of the body.  In the long run, any person would be better off supplemented cardio workouts with other workouts and dietary plans.

  • Banana diet for that one “envious look”

I remember myself seeing an ad on the net showing two contrasting pictures of a lady, one picture reportedly seven days after another.  Using the same characteristic flowery language, she explains how she survived only on a banana diet and she is glowing like Cleopatra literally.

Any person with some sanity left will debunk this “theory” straight away.

  • No need of warm-ups and cool-downs

When you are exercising, you need to warm up before any exercise to prepare yourself for this and similarly relax after the pull-ups, or pushups.  Mind you, you are a human and not a machine.

  • Popping in nutritional supplements to lose weight

Whoever on earth that said nutritional supplements are enough to lose weight have already lost it. They increase the bowel movements, make you lose fatty acids.  Any doubts on this consult your doctor and he would enlighten you better on this.

  • Skipping a meal

If you think by skipping your daily meals, you are going to get to your goal faster, you cannot be more mistaken.  A better alternative would be to have many small meals in limited intervals.

  • Eating late or just before sleeping

It really doesn’t hold ground whether you eat late and immediately stumble on the bed.  The important point is to eat right at all times in the proper proportions.  Supplement it with proper physical exercise; can be simply walking for half an hour daily.


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