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7 Myths about Hair Fall

7 Myths about Hair Fall

Picturize this: You just finished having a nice shower and you brush your hair dry.  You notice strands of hair falling off.  Then, at that moment, your confidence plummets to all time low.  This is the situation most of us can relate with well.

Strange isn’t it? We have a lot of notions about the theory of everything and hair fall, which might be true or maybe not! However, let’s bust some hair loss myths.

Here, we look at some of the myths that hold no value at all in reality.

  1. Wearing a headgear causes hair loss— As long as your scalp is clean, you have little to worry about. Some use this as a pretext not to wear helmets while biking.  Only in case of scalp infections must you take precautions about covering with a hat or not.
  1. Shaving your scalp will cause thicker hair to grow — Hair may appear thicker initially, but this happiness is short lived. The number of hairs sprouting from your follicles remains the same.
  1. Drugs to promote hair growth— Much as you would loath to disagree, there is no wonder drug or potion out there to create a miracle overnight. There are other ways to treat hair loss than to fall prey to unscrupulous products in the market.
  1. Hair loss is mostly genetic — This holds ground to a large extent. You just cannot squarely lay the blame on your parents for your dwindling hair. There is a combination of a lot many factors contributing to hair loss.
  1. Baldness is confined to males only— Now, who said that? As male pattern baldness exists, so does female pattern baldness. More than 12% of the women in India suffer from this malady.
  1. Hair loss stops as you age— No one has proved this vague hypothesis till now.  In fact, once hair loss begins, unless corrective measures are taken, you continue to lose hair.
  1. Spending your time in an AC room may cause hair loss— It cannot get any more ridiculous! It can cause dryness in your hair, but nothing more than that.

You will see many more of these myths floating around. Keep in mind that it is quite normal for an average individual to lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair daily.  But, any sign of a receding hair line or bald patches, it is time to pay a visit to a dermatologist.  Meanwhile take good care of your hair. Read our blogs to know more about killer hair care tips.

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