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Cosmetic Clinic Precautions for Preventing Hair Damage

Things you are doing to your Hair that is fundamentally wrong.

Carelessness doesn’t bounce; it shatters!

We don’t realize the value of our loved ones till we lose them. Wait a minute. This is not a soul searching session about broken hearts. This is much bigger than that. We are talking about the crown we carry! That thick, buoyant, tousled and luxurious crown we wear on our heads, our hair!

We tend to attribute our luxurious hair more to genetics rather than to good care. Our daily regimen for hair care is a hurried wash, detangling, and styling; little do we realize that this kind of regimen leads to irreparable hair loss. With hectic lifestyles, it becomes literally impossible for proper hair care. We end up buying fancy shampoos with exotic ingredients like crushed pearls, honey, African Cacao, Bulgarian primrose oil, and Russian Amber. Is this necessary?

Do we need exotic ingredients from the rainforests to maintain good hair? I think not. There might be some solution lurking round the corner which we missed entirely. Maybe we are doing something fundamentally wrong with our hair that it doesn’t bounce, it shatters.

Many people walk into clinics of trichologists with complaints of hair fall. As a renowned cosmetic clinic in Hyderabad, we have treated gazillion patients for hair fall. Almost all patients were victims of bad hair care and neglect. They say they have been using costly shampoos and conditioners for their hair, yet they have devastating hair fall. They seek treatment for damaged hair.

In the consultations, we understand that they had been doing everything wrong with regard to hair care, and then prescribe medications. One can prevent all these ordeals if one understands what they are doing wrong and how they should make amends.

Here is a list of things that you are doing to your hair that are fundamentally wrong:

Brushing: Brushing your hair too often can cause damage to the hair roots. Many people brush their hair from the root to the tip. This leads to more hair fall. It is better to brush it from the middle. Here are a few brushing tips.

  • Don’t brush while your hair is wet.
  • The best way to detangle your hair while brushing is to use a spray, cream, or lotion.
  • Use only gentle and clean brushes.

Styling: Don’t go for styles that twist, stretches, and braids too much. Hairstyles to avoid.

Bleaching hair: Bleaching can permanently change the structure of your hair leading to permanent hair damage.

Perming: Chemical straightening and curling breaks the inner bonds of the hair and leads to hair damage.

Frequent Coloring: Frequent coloring is as damaging as bleaching and leads to permanent hair damage.

Excess usage of shampoo: Excessive shampooing can in fact do more harm than help. Consult a trichologist to know your hair type and right hair care.

There are many other ways you are damaging your hair while using cotton pillows, washing with hot water, and choosing hair care products. It is essential to know the proper kind of hair care that needs to be taken with respect to your hair type. Life Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic in Hyderabad provides excellent treatment for damaged hair and hair fall. If you feel that your hair is uncontrollable, please visit our clinic today.

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Cool Sculpting at Life SCC has helped me in reducing fat cells. Am satisfies with the results and like their approach*.