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Everything You Need to Know about Cool Sculpting

Before going for any weight loss or fat elimination procedure, it is quite normal to have a few concerns or doubts whether the procedure is safe or if it would really be effective. But today, with the revolutionary advancements in the field of cosmetics and the introduction of path-breaking technologies, the procedures have become very much safe and reliable than they have ever been.

And one of the world-class non-invasive procedures that is currently being widely preferred across the globe for fat elimination is “Cool Sculpting”. If you are aiming to get rid of the stubborn fat and achieve the body shape you desire, then this is definitely the go-to treatment. We bring you some important facts along with the advantages this procedure features, which tell you why you should be going for Cool Sculpting.

The Difference – Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Many of you might be under a common notion that weight loss and fat loss procedures are same or at least similar. But in fact, they are quite different in definition of the procedure as well as the final outcome. Weight Loss procedures basically aim to decrease the size of the fat cells in our body thereby reducing the overall weight of the body. The treatment do not eliminate the fat cells from the body. In simple words, when you gain weight, it means that the fat cells in your body have become larger and when you lose weight, they have become smaller.

However during the fat loss procedures, the aim is to eliminate the targeted percentage of fat cells completely from the body. This may not show significant difference in your weight but it will definitely help you acquire the desired shape or slimness. Cool Sculpting belongs to this category, a fat-elimination or more technically speaking, a fat-freezing procedure.

What Happens in Cool Sculpting?

The procedure is fundamentally based on the scientifically proven principle that freezing the fat cells in a controlled temperature can safely eliminate them from the body without affecting the surrounding skin. Cool Sculpting can be applied to different areas of the body such as abdomen, love handles, inner thighs, buttocks, waist, and chin.

The fat cells underneath the targeted area of the body during cool sculpting are frozen or crystallized. These frozen or dead fat cells are then gradually eliminated from the body naturally through metabolic activity (sweat and urine etc.). We can observe the effective results in just a few weeks.

Why Cool Sculpting?

  • A non-invasive procedure that requires just one sitting
  • Comfortable and painless procedure
  • No downtime required
  • Applicable to both men and women
  • Observable and desired change in just a few weeks without any side-effects.


Life SCC introduced this path-breaking cosmetic procedure of Cool Sculpting for the first time in India. It is now one of the most sought out fat elimination procedures owing to its great success rate. This procedure is available at all the branches of Life SCC in both the Telugu States.

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Shraddha Das

Cool Sculpting at Life SCC has helped me in reducing fat cells. Am satisfied with the outcome and like their approach*.

Jayaprada Film star and Politician

Great Clinic with updated techniques and modern equipment. It is never too late to look stunning and beautiful!*

Shashi Vadana Director of Artbeat

Cool Sculpting at Life SCC has helped me in reducing fat cells. Am satisfies with the results and like their approach*.