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Futuristic Therapy to bring back your Past Glory!

Worried that your skin is aging so quickly? Concerned that there is an increased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face? Anxious about the dark eye circles or puffy appearance of the eye? Well, now you say one last good bye to all these worries because High Therapy is here to save the day!


Apart from the natural aging, there are many other causes which causes the health of the skin to deteriorate. Some of these include

  • Environmental factors
  • Extensive exposure to sun
  • Genetic factors
  • Dietary changes or habits
  • Physical and mental stress
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption

All these causes can contribute to the aforementioned skin conditions. While some of these can be avoided by changing our habits and daily routine, some can’t be avoided. We would need an ideal solution that can not only control the deterioration of the skin health, but also regain the young look and feel of the skin. And that ideal solution is High Therapy.

What Actually Happens?

Before delving deep into the procedure, let’s see how and why the skin health deteriorates. When the skin is affected by one or more of the above mentioned causes, the collagen and elastin fibers present in the skin, which are vital to skin’s strength and elastic nature, are damaged. This causes the skin to loosen, dry up, sag, develop wrinkles, and fine lines. The same happens with the natural cause i.e. aging.

High Therapy – The Procedure

This is nothing less than a revolutionary procedure in the field of Dermatology. For those of you who wish to get back the young and healthy skin without any side effects, High Therapy is the one you should go for. This non-invasive procedure will help the sagging or loosened skin to get back the lost elasticity and achieve the young look through ideal rejuvenation process. Here’s what happens during the procedure

  • The affected area of the skin will be subjected to a high frequency (Ultrasonic) pulse which tightens the skin without any disturbance or disruption to the surrounding area
  • The heat produced in this method will increase blood circulation, renews healthy cells, and triggers the regrowth of collagens and elastin fiber.
  • This also eliminates the bacteria that causes acne and gets rid of the dead skin (exfoliation)
  • The procedure is not only non-invasive, but also absolutely painless.
  • The final outcome would be a smooth, firm, and rejuvenated skin that would totally transform your former appearance into a desired one.

The number of sessions required or duration of the treatment would depend on the amount of area to be treated as well as other health factors analyzed by the expert dermatologist. The best thing about High Therapy is that it does not require any downtime and you can go about your daily activities almost instantly!

Gain a Lot!

  • The best treatment around for Acne, Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Dark Eye Circles, Fine Lines, and for ideal skin energizing and instant rejuvenation
  • Go-to procedure for Eye-brow and face lifting, skin pores treatment, jaw line treatment, uneven skin tone, and dryness of the skin
  • Non-Invasive, painless, and convenient
  • No Downtime required
  • No side-effects or disruptions to the surrounding area

Life SCC is your ideal destination for advanced High Therapy treatments which prove that age is just a number!

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Shraddha Das

Cool Sculpting at Life SCC has helped me in reducing fat cells. Am satisfied with the outcome and like their approach*.

Jayaprada Film star and Politician

Great Clinic with updated techniques and modern equipment. It is never too late to look stunning and beautiful!*

Shashi Vadana Director of Artbeat

Cool Sculpting at Life SCC has helped me in reducing fat cells. Am satisfies with the results and like their approach*.