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Hairstyles that Damage your Hair

Hairstyles that Damage your Hair

False Expectations Take Joy Away!

Come summer, spring, autumn and winter, fashion gurus come up with the latest and coolest hairstyles that are supposed to make you look wow. They range from long, short, curls, beehives, asymmetric, snake braids, fishtail braids, cornrows, buns, and a lot many more that demand a lot from your hair.

These hairstylists seem to be under the impression that your hair has permanent elasticity and it’s dough that can be twisted and turned umpteen times. Nothing against them as such, but one should be sympathetic to those poor strands of hair. All they want is to make you look beautiful!

We are all born with certain hair types and genetics that determine our overall looks. Though we have an innate beauty in our natural hair types, we try that extra bit to get a kinky hairstyle. We straighten, curl, detangle, brush, dry, and do a lot of procedures to our hair. We apply hair creams like hell, and what do we get? Tufts of hair flowing down the drain after a shower!

If your hair had a mind of its own it would have sued you long time ago! Why do we subject our hair to such push and pull? To look chic? Yes, you do have every right to look the best, but not at the cost of your hair. It’s like opting for a hairstyle that would one day result in no hair; suicidal isn’t it?

At Life Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic in Hyderabad, we have had many cases of young women walking in with complaints of excessive hair fall. After we had reviewed all these cases, we had found that there was only one thing in common with all these women. They opted for hairstyles that strained the roots of their hair excessively.

Being one of the best cosmetic clinics in Hyderabad, we feel that the responsibility is on us to drive some sense into these young women. To look beautiful is a woman’s prerogative, but there is a limit to the extent you can pull your hair.

Some of the latest hairstyles that women prefer are born out of a psychological urge for them to look unique, different and special. This pressure would make them do radical things to their hair that would seriously affect the health of their hair. We are not on a crusade against hairstylists or the fashion gurus. We want to inform young girls about the risks of opting for certain hairstyles.

Here are some hairstyles that can damage your hair enormously:

Slick Ponytails and Braids: These hairstyles have an adverse impact and leads to breakage and fraying. With these hairstyles, you need to pull your hair a lot and this leads to the damage. It is recommended that you use elastic bands that are not too tight.

Insane Braids: There are a lot of braided hairstyles that makes you look seriously special, but these things don’t come without a bargain. For snake braiding, fishtail braiding, triple braids, and many others one has to pull the hair too tightly and it leads to hair weakening, follicle damage and hair fall.

Wet Updos: Did you know that wet hair is more fragile than dry hair? And, if you push the hair insanely up for an updo, you are asking for some serious hair fall! The same goes with many bun styles that can damage the hair follicles.

Other hairstyles that damage your hair:

  • Ponytails.
  • Long Extensions.
  • Teased Poofs.
  • Stick Straight Strands.
  • Wet hairstyles.
  • Braids near the hair line.

So, girls it’s time you think twice before you choose a hairstyle for that upcoming date night! In the next blog, we would talk about other things you are doing to your hair that is fundamentally wrong. You will also come to know about ways to avoid bad hair habits.

If you have issues with your hair, you can always walk into Life Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic, the best cosmetic clinic for hair fall treatment! Have a great Hair!

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Cool Sculpting at Life SCC has helped me in reducing fat cells. Am satisfies with the results and like their approach*.