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How to Reverse Hair Loss with Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

It’s typical in commercials and advertisements that a bald person is always the loser. From the point of view of a bald person, this is not funny at all! Hair loss or alopecia is a very serious issue when it comes to people’s bias.

Men with receding hair line tend to be neglected in interviews; they tend to lose out on promotions, and marriage proposals. Hair loss is not soft with women either. Every strand of hair they lose after a bath or while combing reminds them of the society’s apathy towards people with falling hair.

It would be a foolhardy attempt to change the society, but one can get even by getting a safe hair transplantation done.
non surgical hair replacement 
Why do we have hair loss?
There are many reasons for hair loss, and each one of us has to be aware of these reasons to avoid loss of hair.

Some common reasons for hair loss:

• Aging
• Anemia
• Autoimmune related hair loss
• Chemotherapy
• Emotional Stress
• Excess or deficiency of Vitamins
• Female hormones
• Hereditary causes
• Hypothyroidism
• Male pattern baldness
• Medications
• Physical stress
• Pregnancy
• Protein Deficiency

There are other causes that also contribute to loss of hair like presence of certain chemicals in water, and pollution.

Hair loss is both depressing and annoying. It’s more so when hair loss happens at a younger age.

It’s the favorite pastime of many to publish and read about the many treatments and remedies for hair loss. They range from really good to outrageous. Most of these help in prevention, but they certainly don’t cure. That barren strip cannot be vegetated by some exotic cream or extract. But, there sure is hope and positivity with hair transplantation!

As a preventive measure, one can opt for nutritional supplements, but to cure permanent loss of hair, one has to go for hair transplantation.

What is surgical hair transplantation?

It’s a procedure that moves individual hair follicles from one part of the body to a bald patch. Hair transplantation achieves normal hair pattern by arranging hair for hair. This is typically done for male pattern baldness. It’s also done to restore eyelashes, and eyebrows.

Since this process requires nimble handling, and great surgical acumen, it’s a costly treatment. Among the physiological disadvantages, a sizable amount of dermis has to be extracted for implantation. Sometimes, there can be scarring and injuries during the procedure.

Why is non-surgical hair replacement better?

Here, in non-surgical hair replacement, stem cells are used. Through a mini liposuction process, a small amount of fat is taken from the waist area. This fat contains dormant stem cells. These stem cells are separated. Depending upon the baldness, these cells are multiplied. These stem cells are injected in the bald area. Bingo, hair grows in about two to four weeks.

Why LIFE Clinic?

There are other means of doing this procedure wherein plant and animal based stem cells are also used. Life Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic has the uniqueness of having expertise in all these modes of deriving stem cells including human based amniotic, adipose derived stem cells.

These stem cells are FDA approved! Also, the process is very safe and natural. Life Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic has some of the most sophisticated FDA approved non-surgical hair replacement procedures. We have successfully provided treatment for hair loss to millions!

LIFE Clinic has a full time dedicated facility for hair restoration in Hyderabad. We first evaluate the causes for hair fall, and then decide the best treatment plan for you. The number of sessions depends upon the extent of damage and the reasons for hair loss.

Get in touch with our experts, or come to our facility!
Someone once said that life is too short for a bad hair day, which is quite true. Now, with non-surgical hair replacement, you can now get back your confidence, face the world with pride. Let not your baldness be a hindrance to conquer the world!

With Life Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic, happiness is a good hair day!


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