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Summer Wellness Tips

Summer Wellness Tips

Summers are getting worse as the years are passing by. The raging heat, the soaring temperatures do much harm to your skin and body. Despite our inability to change the weather conditions, we can take care of ourselves and walk our way to a healthy life. Here are some tips which helps you take care of yourself well this summer:

Stay hydrated:

One of the vital things to be in the hit list of summer care is having more water. There are absolutely 100% chances of being dehydrated in these times which cannot be overlooked. Consuming more than the regular intake of water always proves to be beneficial. You will not regret carrying a water bottle with you anywhere you go.

Indulge in Nature Binge:

Rather than over indulging in unhealthy food choices or rather the cravings, it is always wise to have fruits and vegetables in abundance. Consuming more water content and seasonal fruits, will help keep your skin glowing. Instead of going in for sweet cravings, munching on dry fruits, nuts, having salads will do your skin much good and makes it glow.

Bask in the Sunshine:

As much as we require Vitamin D , we need to take care to bask in the sunshine and not the sun. Go in for a stride in an area well lit with this super vitamin supplier. Ensure that before you step out anytime to put on sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of not less than 30. Limit your exposure to this powerful light source of the solar system from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Pleasant Bright Hues:

Go in for clothes of light hues and refreshing natural fibers like linen and cotton rather than opting for dark colours. Light coloured clothes helps reflect the heat and tends to keep you cooler than the dark ones.

You can never go wrong with these summer care tips and are sure to have healthy body because healthy body implies beautiful skin.


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