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Way to Healthy and Happy Life for your Kid

The problem of Obesity has become quite common in kids with an exponential increase in the number of cases especially during the past few years. This condition can lead to a number of other common as well as chronic health ailments that can prove quite critical in the later years. This is why it is very important for parents to be vigilant of this condition and ensure that their kid’s weight is properly managed.

Obesity – A Cause for Concern

Obesity in kids is more than just a common health threat. And it is just not about the physical problems they may face in the future, this problem can lead to decline in confidence, increase psychological stress, and becoming socially disabled. And obese kids have higher chances of developing chronic and critical health risks including diabetes, asthma, sleeping disorders, and serious heart diseases.


While heredity can be listed as one of the causes Obesity, the majority of the causes now-a-days are considered unhealthy food habits (poor diet selection) and lack of physical activity, and in some cases, psychological issues or depression. The rise of fast foods and diet with high sugar and fat content with little or no levels of nutrients has been the real reason for this significant increase in obesity cases.

While the evolution of digital and multimedia age has taken advancements in global technology and ease of communication to a great level, it has also had a negative effect on health. Kids now tend to spend more time with play stations, computers, TVs, and mobiles etc. and they rarely can be seen spending some quality time at the play grounds or at least having some physical activity at home. The lack of physical activity means that those extra amount of calories in the body aren’t burnt and there is no ideal metabolism taking place. This leads to undesired weight gain.

Proper Weight Management for Kids

It all depends on the choices of parents. Hence they should take the initiative and ensure that their kids are getting the ideal diet they need. Let us see some tips that help your kids maintain ideal weight and acquire ideal health.

  • Home-cooked meals are always healthy. Make sure that you limit the consumption of processed foods or snacks.
  • Replace the oily foods, fast foods, sweets, and soft drinks with fresh fruits, juices with limited sugar, and vegetable salads. It might be difficult to do that every day right from the beginning, but improve the consistency as you go.
  • Drink lots and lots of water. It improves the metabolismof the body enabling them to digest well.
  • Ensure that your dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt etc. are all low-fat
  • Spend a good time with your kid doing some form of physical activity or exercise regularly. They may not show interest to do that on their own, so you need to initiate and help them make it a habit. Ask them which sport or activity they like the most to fetch their interest.
  • It is very much important for the parents to limit their kid’s “screen” time. Make sure that they do not watch or spend more than a couple of hours per day with the aforementioned electronic gadgets. This leaves room for free time during which you can help them get some physical activity or some good quality family time!

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