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Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthy Roots

Who doesn’t love winter season? The chilly winds outdoors and the cozy warmth of the indoor ambiance are all set to light the mood of an individual. However, as enticing as it might sound, the winters do come at a cost to those who have sensitive hair roots or are prone to hair issues during the cold season. Fret not! For we have the best hair care tips for you to take care of your roots this winters. Have a read:

  • Bid Adieu to the Flakes: Due to the lack of moisture in the winter arid air, the scalp of the hair roots tend to dry and get flaky. This leads to hair issues like dandruff and scalp irritation which might lead to additional hair loss. This can be treated with some ounces of lemon juice and olive or coconut oil. This mixture can be applied deep into the scalp to waive off the dry, patchy scalp leading to healthy hair roots.
  • Frizz Control: One of the most irritating feelings during winters is the frizzy hair. The winter wear and the blankets all tend to gang up on your hair. You could tackle this by using a plastic hair brush and washing hair with only lukewarm water and not hot water. You could even smoothen your hair with a good quality hair conditioner.
  • Restore Bounce: As the frizzled hair tends to lose its bounce, you could restore the bounce or the natural shine in your hair during winters by massaging the scalp with honey to impart moisture and volume to your hair.
  • Use Olive Oil: Olive oil can serve as the boon to your hair health during winters. A warm massage of around two teaspoons of olive oil into your scalp might strengthen the roots and help in keeping your hair healthy during winters.

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