Hair Loss Treatment

Losing hair is a complex health condition which can lead to life altering changes. The impact can never be measured and therefore it needs medical attention from the time the symptoms appear. It can change an individual’s behavioral pattern thus affecting the personality of the person. It can alter a healthy lifestyle drastically and make anyone get into a shell.

Life Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic provides treatments such as Hair re-growth, Anti-hair fall and anti-dandruff services. We have the best Dermatologists & best Trichologists who are highly qualified, experienced, experts in hair restoration & scalp treatment, they suggest effective hair fall treatment, treatment for grey hair. For baldness we do cost effective non-surgical hair replacement.

Who Should Use Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-surgical hair loss treatment is the best option for people who find it difficult to stimulate hair growth with the use of medications. It is also meant for people who develop baldness early on in their twenties and who do not want to undergo surgical treatments like hair transplantation. In order to collect donor hair for transplantation onto the bald area, the person seeking treatment has to allow the hair loss to run its course. In all the scenarios referred to so far, non-surgical hair toupee offers a safe way to deal with hair loss. Since the grafts of the transplanted hair systems are created from human hair, it is not possible to detect the difference through sight or touch.

You do not have to look middle aged in your twenties due to hair loss. Opt for completely safe non-surgical restoration of your hair and regain your lost confidence.

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