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Anti Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common enemies of self confidence. It’s unpleasant, embarrassing, and itchy. It can keep people and family away from you and can make you spend a fortune on over the counter shampoos, lotions, and other natural remedies.

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Why Our Clinic:

  • Since dandruff has numerous reasons to arise, the trichologist needs spot on diagnosis for treatment. Our trichologists and dermatologists get this right all the time.
  • Holistic treatment for dandruff caused due to metabolic and dietary disorders.
  • Perfect prescriptions and medication for dandruff caused due to microorganisms.
  • Comprehensive treatment for allergic reactions.
  • Advanced formulations and technology.

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Shraddha Das

Cool Sculpting at Life SCC has helped me in reducing fat cells. Am satisfied with the outcome and like their approach*.

Jayaprada Film star and Politician

Great Clinic with updated techniques and modern equipment. It is never too late to look stunning and beautiful!*

Shashi Vadana Director of Artbeat

Cool Sculpting at Life SCC has helped me in reducing fat cells. Am satisfies with the results and like their approach*.

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