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Stages Of Male Pattern Baldness

What are the Stages of Male Pattern Baldness? What is the Right Time for Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is natural and a part of the aging process but for most men, this could start as early as 20’s. One of the causes of hair loss in men is androgenic alopecia which is also known as Male Pattern baldness. Men with a genetic history of baldness are likely to go bald early.

There are seven stages in this condition and Norwood Scale is used is used to measure the progress of Male Pattern Baldness.

Stage 1:

In the first stage, the hair looks completely healthy. Medical treatment at this stage is not required but it is best that you “keep your hair healthy and avoid using any chemical products” on them. Eating healthy also helps to keep the hair intact.

Stage 2:

In the second stage, you will find a small triangular or symmetrical area in the front of your scalp begins to show. Hair loss is minimal in the beginning but slowly the frontal hairline will show recession. You should consult a dermatologist. They will prescribe you supplements and required medicines.

Stage 3:

Hair loss increases and the front recession slowly begin to increase. Hair loss is quite visible. For some, the temples are bald already. Hair in the vertex or crown gets thinner. If you are considering a hair transplant then it is at this stage. Your dermatologist will advise that you go through hair restoration and transplant to get your baldness cured.

Stage 4:

If you have not considered a hair transplant then your hair continues to shed. Your head will have scanty hair especially in the front crown area and a bald spot also begins to show at the back of your head. You still have the option to consider medicinal help and hair transplant.

Stage 5:

In the next stage, you face extreme hair loss. Whatever hair is left between the crown and hairline also begins to slim down. Your temples and vertex will become scantier and baldness will be quite noticeable. Men who are aging will experience this at the age of 50 but those suffering from Male Pattern Baldness can go through this even when they are in their 30’s. Hair transplant can be considered at this stage too. But you need a lot of grafts to cover a huge area. Your dermatologist is the best person to decide the type of hair transplant for you at this stage.

Stage 6:

By the time to reach the sixth stage you will be completely bald from the center with hair remaining on the sides. There will be a visible horse-shoe pattern baldness on your head. However, you still have donor’s hairs and hair transplantation and restoration can still be done. If treatment is not done then the thinning of hair will continue in the area over your ears.

Stage 7:

In the last or the seventh stage of Male Pattern Baldness the baldness spreads to the back of your head. This is an extreme stage of hair loss. You will continue to lose more hair. It will be difficult to consider hair transplantation treatment because the donor hairs will be very less. It will be difficult for a dermatologist to gather enough grafts to cover your head. Even if the hair transplant is considered the results may not be satisfactory.

There are several good hair transplantation centers in Hyderabad that offer premium services and advanced methods of hair transplant. Their results are quite effective. However, remember to do a proper research before you pick one for your treatment.

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