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Best cryolipolysis clinic in Hyderabad

Life slimming and cosmetic clinic is one of the best cryolipolysis clinic in Hyderabad. It is a great alternative to liposuction, as it is a non-surgical treatment method which is safe and approved by FDA medical standards. With over 10 years of experience and handling more than 50K+ patients, lifescc has evolved as a trusted name in cryopolysis treatment in Hyderabad.

How Cryopolysis work?

In this process, the applicator will be put on the skin and due to vacuum effect, the subcutaneous layer of skin will be squeezed in to the machine and the fat cells present in the skin is then exposed to extreme low temperatures and are permanently destroyed. They are later evacuated by liver from the body through a natural process.

Were there are any side effects of cryolipolysis treatment?

There are chances that some people might witness numbness, reddish spots or tingling sensation on the treatment areas, during the process of treatment. However they will subside within a few hours post treatment.

Who are not the ideal people for cryolipolysis treatment?

People with liver disease should not undergo cryolipolysis treatment. At the same time, People who have gone through any kind of major surgery in the past are also not the ideal set of people for this treatment method. However before going for cryopolysis, we suggest you to have a direct consultation with a doctor, who will analyze your pre medical history to discuss about the potential risks and outcomes of this treatment procedure.

Why to go for cryolipolysis treatment?

Unlike other invasive treatment methods like liposuction, cryopolysis will not result in to any side effects and it offers no recovery time, and one can can get back to regular routine immediately after the treatment.Cryopolysis is the one of the best fat reduction treatment methods that help to get rid of excess flab with minimum effort, where one can expect to reducetheir body fat up to 25%.

Why lifescc?

At lifescc, we provide fully integrated health and wellness services to our customers with state of the art medical equipment well complemented by our team of skilled professionals who excel in advanced clinical procedures.

we understand that each one of our customer is unique and so as their requirements, Hence we offer fully customized and personalized treatment plans based on our scientifically research based approach. Apart from the above, we take great pride and privilege to have introduced an array of new treatment options such as cool sculpting, cryolipolysis, Zimmer that have impactedthousands of our customer’s families in a positive manner.

So if you are looking for a well sculpted body line through cryolipolysis treatment in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, vishakapatanam and Nellore. Visit your nearest lifescc clinic to get a free consultation service from our doctors.

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