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BMI or Body Mass Index is a globally acknowledged, scientific method of measuring obesity. As recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization), it is a simple index of weight- for- height, which can be used to classify underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese adults along with their level of associated health risks. It is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by the square of an individual’s height in meters. Check your BMI with our free BMI calculator today at lifescc and stay on top of your health.

How BMI is calculated?

BMI can be calculated by a simple formula : BMI = Weight (Kilograms)/Height (meters)*Height (Centimeters)

How to determine a person’s weight status with BMI?

A person’s weight status can be easily determined based on their BMI values from the infographic given below.

Why it is important in our day to day life?

One can be on top of their body weight and health by keeping a regular check on their BMI. A person with high BMI has higher chances of developing severe health problems in the future such as heart attack, diabetes etc. like high BMI can cause health problems, so can low BMI also results in various health issues such as decreased immune function, heart problems, iron deficiency, bone loss and many more.

Why people become overweight?

Usually, overweight is primarily associated with genetics, but it also largely depends on the type of food we take and exercise that we do every day. As we all know, our body observes energy in the form of calories through the food we take for its functioning. Our weight will be more likely to stay the same as long as we give our body the same amount of energy it requires. But when one takes more food than what their body can burn, it may result in gaining their body weight. However, it has been revealed from a few studies that doing exercise for at least three times a week will help in maintaining an ideal body weight which in turn results in a good BMI.

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