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Anti Ageing


Anti Ageing Treatment

Ageing is inescapable. No matter how much we try, we cannot avoid facial lines and wrinkles, as we grow older. Pollution and stress accelerate the ageing process weakening the skin’s ability to regenerate the natural proteins that keep it firm and hydrated. Dry and dull skin, age spots, uneven tone and pores, are all signs of ageing skin. Advancements in cosmetic science can help you control and reverse the effects of ageing to give you younger looking skin. We, at Life Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic in Hyderabad, Vizag & Vijayawada offer advanced anti-aging treatments such as High therapy, Radio frequency treatment and Fillers to treat all signs of ageing.

The Science Behind Anti-Ageing Treatments
Our skin’s connective tissue is mostly made of Collagen and Elastin. Collagen gives strength whereas Elastin enables the skin to stretch and bounce back. We start to lose the regenerating capabilities of these two vital proteins as we enter into our thirties. In addition, exposure to UV rays from the sun, pollution besides stress further damage our skin. High therapy for anti-ageingand Radio frequency skin tightening treatments are meant to stimulate natural production of collagen in the body.

High Therapy
Also, known as High intensity focused ultrasound this advanced procedure uses ultra sound imaging, which makes it possible for the cosmetologist to see the layers being treated. The ultrasound energy is deposited in the deep tissues of the skin and helps the skin achieve the optimal temperature to aid natural collagen generation. It is a completely non-invasive procedure and requires no downtime. Also, High therapy is an FDA approved technique which suits all skin types.

Radio frequency skin tightening
This procedure uses Radio Frequency (RF) energy to heat up the different layers ofskin tissue to stimulate natural collagen production. The RF waves remodel and contract the skin collagen to tighten sagging skin. This technique too is non-invasive and gentle on the skin.

To achieve a more youthful look, the lines and wrinkles on the skin can be filled with a filler agent like collagen and other agents. Collagen is made of natural protein which helps in the nourishment of the skin. Fillers show an immediate effect in smoothing out the fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes and lips and restore lost volume to the skin.

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