6 Simple & Effective Ways To Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat is a health disorder that results in developing excessive fat at the center of the body mostly at stomach part, it can be also called as "abdominal obesity".

Belly fat can be easily estimated by measuring the circumference of your waist with the help of a tape. If your waist size is more than 40 inches (in men) and 35 inches (in women) then you must be suffering from abdominal obesity.

If you are already been suffering from belly fat since from a long time you can take a quick look at the below given tried and proven techniques of reducing your belly fat.

1) Avoid Sweetened Drinks:

We all must have observed this label on cool drinks saying that it “contains added sugars" but not many of us give more attention to it as we do not know that added sugars are mostly harmful to our metabolic health.

Numerous studies have revealed that excessive intake of sugars will lead to an abnormal increase in belly fat and liver fat hence if you want to reduce your belly fat, eliminating sugars in your diet and avoiding sweetened drinks & cool drinks should be your first step towards avoiding your belly fat.

2) Add More Protein In Your Diet:

Protein works best in reducing your body weight. Numerous studies have revealed that protein works effectively in reducing your belly fat by reducing your appetite and boosting your body metabolism rate, which in turn results in burning belly fat.

3) Cut Carbohydrates In Your Diet:

Avoiding carbohydrates in your diet is the best way to burn your belly fat. But it is also not a good sign to completely avoid carbohydrates from your diet. Hence switching to low carb diets can be the best option as it has been proved in the comparison between low carb diets and low-fat diets, that low carb diets have effectively target the fat around your belly, organs and your liver.

They not only help in weight loss but also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and other debilitating illness that result due to excessive body fat.

4) Eating Fiber-Rich Foods:

Fibers are segregated in to two types 1) soluble fibers and 2) insoluble fibers.

But the way they interact with the water in the body makes all the difference. Unlike insoluble fibers, soluble fibers are known to have reduce belly fat effectively by slowing down the digestion process and protein absorption by the body and boost metabolism rate in the body.

The best way to give more fiber to your body is to eat more of plant food like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole oats

5) Reduce Your Tummy Fat With Daily Exercise:

Many of us think of doing abdominal exercises to reduce their belly fat. But in most cases, abdominal exercises have not shown any effective results in a reduction of belly fat. However, at the same time aerobic exercises like walking, running, swimming and cycling have shown positive results in losing belly fat. Hence doing aerobic exercises regularly for a period of 1-2 months at a stretch may help us in getting favorable results in reduction of belly fat.

6) Tracking The Food

Tracking the food is one of the most important and essential things that keep us on top of our health. Tracking food that we take on a regular basis will actually help us in inculcating better food habits & make better diet choices. If you don't have any clue regarding how to track your food then you can take help of different online tool &apps to track what you are eating for your tummy health.

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