Everything You Need To Know About Hair Transplantation Treatment Methods

Hair loss is one of the most common health disorders that we see both in men and women equally. We all lose 50-100 strands of hair every day, however loosing hair more than that limit mostly referred to as hair loss.

In many people, loss of hair will bring a lot of difference in their physical appearance, which in turn will show a direct impact on their self-esteem and confidence in a negative manner.

There may be so many factors that contribute to the hair fall, like sedentary lifestyle, ever-increasing stress levels, pollution, unhealthy food etc.

However, in many cases , causes of hair loss can be stopped and treated, if identified at the early stages. However, with the recent developments that came in the cosmetic treatment landscape, we can now treat hair fall on a relatively permanent basis through various treatment methods.

Hair transplantation treatment is one such proven unique & effective treatment method that perfectly adress against hair fall, by stopping hair fall permanently and harnessing in the healthy growth of new hair.

Hair transplantation treatment has been evolved as one of the most sophisticated and highly advanced hair treatment methods in recent days. However, at the same time, it is also true that not many people know much about hair transplantation treatment methods. Hence to avoid confusion & help you take an informed decision, we wanted you to scroll down to know more about hair transplantation treatment in detail.

A. What is a hair transplantation treatment method?

Hair transplantation treatment method basically involves the process of taking healthy hair follicles from one portion of your scalp where hair growth is good and grafting them on to bald portions of the the scalp to promote hair regrowth in those areas.

B.What is the various types of hair transplantation methods?

There are two popular types of hair transplantation methods as given below

  • 1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • 2. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Let’s discuss each one of them in detail.

Follicular unit extraction:

Treatment Procedure:

  • a. As a part of this treatment procedure, few circular incisions less than 1mm in diameter are made on the scalp(mostly at the back of your head) to extract follicular units of healthy hair.
  • b. Later on tiny holes are made on your scalp where hair loss is evident with the help of micro needle or scapula.
  • c. Then the extracted follicular units of hair are than implanted in those balded portions of your scalp to promote regrowth of hair follicles in a natural manner.


It is more of invasive surgery than FUT with no visible scarring in the donor area


It’s not a suitable treatment option for people with large bald portions on the scalp.

Who are eligible?

FUE treatment is an ideal treatment for you, if you are someone who would like to sport short hair having a stable growth of donor hair on your scalp.

Follicular unit transplantation:

Follicular unit transplantation therapy is sometimes referred to as “strip method” as well, that involves removing a strip of skin for treatment procedure.

Treatment Procedure:

In FUT treatment, a long thin strip of scalp is taken from the portion of your head where hair fall is less and hair growth is optimally high.

This strip of scalp is then later divided in to multiple sets of hair grafts having healthy follicular units of hair.

Then these follicular units of hair are then properly installed in the incisions made on the bald portions of your scalp to promote healthy regrowth of natural hair.


A. Unlike fue methods, in fut treatment, large number of hair follicles are installed in a single session.

B. FUT treatment is highly affordable when compared to other hair transplantation methods.

C. One can witness better yield of natural hair in FUT treatment method.


A.Scaring made at the donor site on the scalp will be clearly seen even after the treatment.

B. It is a highly invasive treatment that takes longer recovery time when compared to that of FUE treatment method

Who are eligible?

All men and women of all age groups are eligible for FUT treatment.

C.Does hair transplantation treatment ensures permanent hair?

Yes, in most cases, hair transplantation treatment offers permanent and long-lasting results when compared to other hair treatments because hair follicles that are used for transplanting are resistant to hormone called “DHT” (Dihydrotestosterone), that causes balding and hence hair transplantation treatment is widely considered a permanent hair treatment option.

D. How much does hair transplantation cost in India?

The cost of the hair transplantation treatment largely depends on the number of grafts of hair follicles you would like to have on your scalp.

E. What should not be done after hair transplantation treatment?

Here a few post treatment guidelines you can follow for a quicker recovery and better healing after hair transplantation treatment method.

  • 1) Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • 2) Make changes to your diet as suggested by the doctor, if you are suffering from diabetes
  • 3) Avoid intake of ice creams and aspirin tablets as it may be inflammation of the skin on the scalp
  • 4) Always opt for non-surgical hair transplantation treatment that offers zero downtime.

Were there are any side effects of hair transplantation methods?

In most cases, one may witness numbness and reddish spots on the recipient area; however it will subside within 1-2 weeks after the treatment.You should consult the specialist if you find any itchiness or infection at the site for a long time.

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