We all want to feel young. We all want to be free and in the prime of our lives. This, however, is not how life works. Unfortunately, life is a lot more chained and restrictive than one imagines and that is not even bringing the gradual diminishing of one's looks. Whether your young or old, you must have one point in your life looked into the mirror and sighed. The feeling gets worse as you get older.

Not anymore. In today's day and age, wrinkling and creasing of one's skin is a thing of the past. But what exactly is it that makes a person's skin look older? Well, there are a number of suspects, chief among them being wrinkles, loss of colour and finally sagging. The last one - sagging - is mostly because of collagen. You see, collagen loss leads to volume loss and wrinkling of one's skin. There really is no substitute for the natural collagen that our skin has, but the recent advancements in medical facial and skin tightening have cause for celebration. The revolutionary thing about today's skin tightening technique is in the lifting, tightening and firming. Unlike the past, the three primary tightening techniques now have the ability to simulate multiple layers of skin, not just the top or surface level.

Until recently, the best way to tighten up skin was through mild or severe face-lift. Now, while face-lifting is still the best way to absolutely get rid of those worrying wrinkles, the variety of easy and DIY techniques that are present make surgery only the most serious of choices. A field thatís on the up and coming is dermatological treatments. With the likes of thread lifts, fillers, and botox surgery, fewer patients need a full face-lift. As a result, the days of face-lifts are numbered. But what is it about fillers and botox's that make them so good?

To understand this, we have to understand that most dermatological treatments contain fillers. This is because injectable fillers temporarily replace lost collagen a little deeper in the skin. Dermatologists inject a filler and it pulls the skin up from below. While it is not recommended to do this multiple times, used properly it can make your skin look neat and fresh. And with the risk of not seeming permanent, dermatological treatments are the best way to effectively tighten the face and skin. So if you ever find yourself needing a fresher look, fillers are the way to go.

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