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Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

Stretch marks are a form of skin scarring that can be usually associated with puberty or pregnancy in women (one in every three women experience stretchmark’s due to pregnancy) and they can be also equally seen in men because of various other factors such as obesity, genetics or short term weight gain due to bodybuilding or other activities.

They usually start with purple or red color and gradually fade to silvery white color with time. They may appear in various parts of the body such as breasts, thighs, abdomen, hips, and buttocks in women.

Though stretch marks can neither be seen from outside nor they pose any long term effects on one's health. They may cause embarrassment and may lead to a loss of confidence in many people.

Laser stretch mark removal is one of the highly effective, non-invasive ways of reducing stretch marks on the surface of the body.

It works on eliminating stretch marks on the skin through a procedure called “laser resurfacing”, which completely removes the outer layer of the skin and helps regenerate the underlying skin through collagen rebuilding, by making use of pulsed beam of laser light in concentrated amounts to encourage the new skin growth.

Benefits of laser Stretch mark removal
  • 1. It’s a non-surgical FDA approved treatment method with no downtime

  • 2. It is highly effective on all skin types and colors.

  • 3. Gives faster results.

  • 4. Delivers noticeable and superiorly long-lasting results in a minimal number of treatment sessions.

Book a free consultation for complete body analysis and discuss with our expert cosmetologists about how suitable is laser stretch mark removal treatment method to you

Because stretch mark removal treatment has to be customized to the individual patient. Consulting a cosmetic dermatologist specialized in offering stretch mark removal is the best way to get information on your specific case.

If you have already tried various methods of treatments. Such as creams, medications, etc. but haven't seen any valid results. Then now it is the time to consider choosing our laser stretch mark removal method. It is a noninvasive, quick and effective treatment method that can help effectively eliminate stretch marks without any side effects

If you are looking forward to the best laser stretch marks treatment in Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada & Nellore. Please visit your nearest lifescc clinic to discuss an individual and more customized treatment plans with our experts.

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